This year’s dates are set for THREE offerings of the Core Product Training for AccountMate SQL/Express online class:

➤ February 3 – March 10  (Registration is now open)

➤ June 2 – July 7

➤ October 6 – November 10

We highly recommend this terrific class taught by AccountMate Corp. It’s great for users who are new to AccountMate, of course. It’s also valuable for longtime users who want to learn more about what the software can do, or want to extend their skills and gain confidence in using more modules. Everyone learns a lot that’s directly useful in their jobs.

The sessions are spaced out over 6 weeks, with 2 sessions per week for your convenience. It’s a hands-on class, not a prerecorded webinar. You’ll be working in AccountMate in the class. There’s time to ask questions as you go—including questions about how a feature or setting should be applied in your company’s particular situation.

Just like AccountMate itself, the class is flexible. You can attend the whole class or just the session(s) you need.  It’s $2500 for all sessions (40 hours) or $300 per session, for each attendee.

You can attend FREE if you’re on an active Lifecycle Maintenance Plan. The number of free slots per year is governed by your number of registered users and modules—see details here on the Course Overview page or contact us with questions specific to your company. The person attending each session can be different, and the free sessions can be attended anytime in 2022; for example you could attend GL, AR, and AP in the spring, and BR, PO, and SO in the summer.

With all this flexibility and months of advance notice here, 2022 is your year to expand your AccountMate skills!


➤ Course Overview

➤ Course Outline

➤ Course Schedule (General) — or —  Course Schedule with session dates and times for the February 3 – March 10 class

Let us know if you have questions or want to register.