iSOFT Systems, Inc. specializes in AccountMate modifications and custom applications. Founded in 1990, our team has a deep understanding of the AccountMate platform. We offer custom development and support services to help keep your system running smoothly. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers by providing professional and competent service. We strive to increase efficiency in our customer’s information systems and personnel with a commitment to honesty, integrity, and quality.

Meet Our Team

Lisa Irvin


With a fervent passion for computer programming and an entrepreneurial spirit, Lisa founded iSOFT Systems in 1990 to provide excellent quality modification and support services to the AccountMate community.

Shawn Irvin

Vice President

Shawn joined iSOFT Systems in 2012 after graduating from Cal Poly Pomona and is the developer of our website, internal time system, manager of our Jira ticket system, and more!




Katie Salada

General Manager

Katie Salada is the General Manager at iSOFT, helping clients to solve problems and improve their systems. She enjoys investigating and solving problems, and is based in Montana where she lives with her husband. She is an experienced AccountMate user, and has been working with the platform since 1995. She is a valued member of the iSOFT team, and enjoys the flexibility of being able to work remotely.

Rita Fu


Rita graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Beijing University of Technology and worked for AccountMate Software Corporation for several years.  In 2011, she joined iSOFT Systems and is the lead AccountMate programmer.

Jean Belinsky


Jean has an Associate Degree in Accounting and has been working in governmental accounting for fourteen years. Prior to that, she worked with AccountMate as an End User for twelve years. She joined iSOFT Systems in 2016.

Ann Calano

Customer Support

Ann Calano has a Masters’ Degree in Linguistics and has been a technical support and implementation specialist for accounting software, including Great Plains Dynamics and AccountMate, since 1987. As an AccountMate reseller from 1996 – 2014, she worked closely with iSOFT for her customers’ customizations. In 2019 she joined iSOFT Systems as part of the support team.