Webinar Recording: REPAY Realtime Electronic Payments for AccountMate

Would you like to increase the payment options that you offer your customers? They’ll appreciate you making it easier and more convenient to work with you, and you’ll appreciate collecting payments faster and with a lot less work on your part.

While you’ve heard us talk about REPAY’s Level 3 credit card processing (which reduces your credit card transaction fees), the REPAY AccountMate add-on does much more, too!

From one central place you can manage all things AP and AR:

  • Reduce processing times by eliminating manual entry
  • Streamline operations and lower admin costs
  • Increase data security and simplify PCI compliance
  • Improve visibility and reporting
  • Save on B2B transaction fees with Level 3 Processing

In AP, all paper and manual processes can be eliminated to automate your vendor and supplier payments and simplify your reconciliation. There’s real-time reporting, instant funding disbursements, and payment and messaging management. For incoming and outgoing payments, REPAY is your one-stop-shop.

Watch a recording of the March 9 webinar that AccountMate did with REPAY, to learn more about enhancing your payment processes.

Or reach out to iSOFT to schedule an online demo specific to your payment processing questions.