While not all of our clients immediately upgrade to every new release of AccountMate, we recommend staying within three years of current—to maintain compatibility with the latest Microsoft Windows and SQL Server offerings, which the new AccountMate/SQL V13.1 provides for Microsoft SQL Server 2022.

Here are gentle reminders for upgrade planning for prior versions:

1. AccountMate/SQL prior to V9 isn’t compatible with supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server—meaning there’s no security updates or patches being released by Microsoft. Since that’s a dangerous place to have your accounting and business management systems, it’s time to get your upgrade in motion now!

2. AccountMate/SQL V9 is compatible only up to Microsoft SQL Server 2014, for which Microsoft support ends in less than a year. So if you’re on AccountMate/SQL V9 then it’s time to start planning your upgrade.

3. Payroll Support for AccountMate/SQL V10 ends in December 2024. While there are many years of lifespan left in a V10 system, if you’re running payroll or you have a heavily modified system then let’s start a conversation.

4. AccountMate/LAN retirement has been announced for December 2024, with upgrade promotions available only through December 2023. So, if you’re running any version of AccountMate/LAN then let’s talk before the end of the year as there are significant savings to be had.

Like manufacturing equipment and desktop PCs, software has a lifespan which becomes more expensive to update the older it is—and meanwhile you miss out on the increased efficiencies that have been included in newer versions. So, we look forward to keeping you up to date—every few years at least.