Prioritizing AccountMate user requests

This new version is an example of something unique to AccountMate: Periodically, typically once a year, everything new in a release comes from user requests! It’s an impressive example of a software company focusing on customer needs.

Year round, users submit wish list requests. You can go to <Help><Enhancement Request> in AccountMate anytime. Better yet, send your request to iSOFT and we’ll submit it for you—about half the time, we’re able to let you know of an existing way to do what you’re requesting.

Here are 9 of the most-requested enhancements out of about 23 included in AccountMate SQL/Express V12.2:

1. Send Office 365 emails. Now AccountMate can send emails from either Office 365 or Exchange.

2. Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to the Attachment Window for transactions or maintenance records. This eliminates many steps to find and attach files.

3. Access the latest Microsoft Office shortcut icons in the system toolbar. A new Microsoft Teams shortcut icon is added. Click the Internet Browser button to go to Microsoft Edge or the default browser. And more.

4. Sort columns in the Detail Analysis Windows Grids in Sales Order (SO) and Accounts Receivable (AR) functions. Click any column to sort data in ascending or descending order.

5. Assign the same Vendor Part # to multiple inventory items for the same vendor, when needed to meet vendor requirements. An Inventory Vendor Maintenance pop-up dialogue box will alert you that the new part number you’re creating is a duplicate and it will also allow you to use the number if you wish.

6. Change the warehouse assigned to all line items at once in an open purchase order. This provides flexibility and saves time during data entry—versus changing one item at a time.

7. Search for Customer Address during Purchase Order Shipping Address Setup.  Ensure accurate shipping addresses for day-to-day PO transactions and for the orders that vendors will directly ship to customers.

8. Group AR Aging Report data by Parent Customer Number. Generate a consolidated report for a single parent account or for multiple parent accounts at one time.

9. Display a “REPRINT” watermark on the Pick List and on Advanced Billing Pick List reprinted copies to make it easy to identify which copies are reprinted and avoid confusion.


Learn more about Version 12.2

➤ Get details about these features and see the complete list of new features: View or download the PDF, What’s New in AccountMate 12.2 for SQL and Express?

➤ Watch the recent 70-minute webinar recording from AccountMate to see the new features. Log in to and go to Education > Webcasts On Demand > SQL/Express. Look near the top for AM12.2 SQL/Express New Features.


Upgrade to AccountMate SQL/Express V12.2

➤ Contact iSOFT to be added to our upgrade schedule. Q4 is typically our busiest quarter and this year is already no exception, so be sure to reach out sooner rather than later.