The best thing about February is that we’re done with printing W-2s and 1099s. The second best thing about THIS February is the latest release of AccountMate/SQL, V12.1!

Here’s an overview of some of the new features:

  • New TaxJar Integration Module: Provides an interface for automated determination of customer sales tax rates in the AR/RMA/SO modules and uploading of information to TaxJar’s service for sales tax filings. Additional charges apply to activate this option.
  • Optional Automatic Address Validation: Ability to automatically validate customer and vendor addresses.
  • Validation of State/Province and Country Code: Fewer keystrokes and improved reporting for customer and vendor addresses.
  • Additional Check Auto-Signature Options: Print auto-signatures only up to defined check amounts.
  • Bills of Materials Amendment: Even when the BOM is currently used on a Work Order.
  • Adjust Cost on Specific Serialized Items: New function.
  • Payroll Enhancements:
    • Email check stubs to direct deposit employees.
    • Calculate deduction on net pay (gross pay minus taxes).
    • Additional detail on pay stub showing Paid Leave prior balance, accrual, usage and current balance.
    • Show pay rate in the Applied Payroll/Payment Report and Check Register Report.
  • And more!

If you missed AccountMate’s February 1 webinar covering the new features, a webinar recording is available. Log in to’s registered user dashboard and go to Education > On-Demand Webinars > AccountMate SQL/EXP to watch the 90-minute presentation.

One of the many things we love about AccountMate is they prioritize the addition of new features requested by users, and we recognize many items in the list above as things clients have been asking for. So, if you have features you’d like, please contact us or hit <Help><Enhancement Request> to submit them.

We look forward to getting V12.1 installed for you!