Lease or rent whatever you need for your system

Your business is running on powerful and flexible software. That AccountMate system is always ready to adapt and expand to meet your business needs as you grow, and as your customers and their requirements change over time.

When you’re budgeting, it can be easy to put off incurring the cost of a system enhancement. Yet that also puts off your receipt of the measurable benefits and savings from new business efficiencies.

iSOFT offers options to pay monthly to avoid large upfront payments. Predictable monthly payments let you control your expenditures. And, leased software and equipment are normally IRS-deductible business expenses that don’t appear as a liability or long-term debt on your balance sheet.

1. Dimension Funding

AccountMate’s longtime partner, Dimension Funding, provides competitive financing in amounts starting at $5,000. iSOFT has found Dimension Funding to be very easy for our clients to work with. You can lease:

2. AccountMate Rental Option

For AccountMate software, you can pay per month (SaaS) to use it instead of purchasing a one-time perpetual license, to manage your expenses over time.

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3. V2Cloud Hosting

V2Cloud is AccountMate’s partner for cloud servers. You pay monthly for a server instead of buying and maintaining your own local server for AccountMate. This frees up your IT staff, reduces the risk of business disruption due to hardware failure, natural disaster, and security breach, and makes it easy to add more resources like memory and storage space as you grow.

Have you been postponing a system enhancement project because you don’t have the capital to make an upfront purchase? Reach out to iSOFT to find the best leasing or rental option so that you can generate a new positive return on investment for your company.