Now’s the time to register for this once-per-year class that dives into the AccountMate Manufacturing Module.

A few of the interesting topics covered include:

1. Sub-assemblies: How to manage parent or master items and their component items, for material requirements and availability, production order scheduling, reporting of component and subassembly, other reports, and more.

2. Work orders: How to set up production for complex assemblies and job levels as separate jobs and work orders, to allow managing each schedule separately as well as together.

3. Time-saving tips like how to clone existing information (like components in BOMs, work order line items, backorder quantities from open sales orders, and more) into new records, where they can then be edited rather than entered from scratch. Or how to add unlimited system and work order remarks, notes, and manufacturing instructions so that all relevant information is documented and instantly available anytime.

4. How changes to Manufacturing Module data automatically cascade to other integrated AccountMate modules such as GL, Inventory Control, Inventory Specification, Lot Control, Sales Order, and Purchase Order, to keep everything and everyone up-to-date.

5. And a lot more! This is a module with many capabilities to suit the many types of manufacturing—well-deserving of its own training class. You’ll also get great ideas from other students as people ask questions and share how they do things at their companies.

Course Overview

Course Outline

Course Schedule

Registration is now open. The class is live, not prerecorded, held online for a three-hour session both days. To register, contact iSOFT.