Stonefield Query is a terrific AccountMate add-on for reports and queries. The newest release of Stonefield Query, 8.2, is mainly a maintenance release, plus a few new features listed on their blog.

We want to call attention to the new version’s support for Modern Authentication (also known as OAuth) for email.

As you may know, Microsoft is turning off support for Basic Authentication for Office 365 and Exchange servers in October 2022. That means versions of Stonefield Query prior to 8.2 will no longer be able to send emails, whether on demand or as scheduled tasks, using Microsoft servers. If you’re using a different mail provider, you may not be affected now, but this may become important as more and more mail servers switch to Modern Authentication.

To install the latest version of Stonefield Query, do one of the following:

  • Choose Check for Updates from the Help menu in Stonefield Query.
  • Download the setup program from Stonefield’s Customer Portal. If you haven’t used the Customer Portal before, see this blog post for details.
  • Contact iSOFT for help.