A common way to win greater market share is by being easier for your customers to work with—so, how about simply enabling the built-in online customer payment portal?

Yes, the new built-in link to REPAY’s ClickToPay integration just needs to be enabled in AccountMate/SQL V12.3 at no additional cost and with no recurring fees!

What does this customer payment portal provide?

Your customers enjoy prompt email delivery of their invoices from you in PDF format with a convenient link to securely pay online via ACH or credit card—Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Customers can print and pay invoices in full or partial. They don’t have to register an account to pay; however, if they do, then it will save their payment information (ACH info and credit card numbers) and they can see previously paid invoices.

Meanwhile, you enjoy:

  • Faster turn on receivables as customers receive invoices quickly with a convenient way to pay that’s available 24/7/365—and you receive funding as quickly as next-day
  • Online payments automatically reflected into your accounting system, just waiting to be recorded as Bank Deposits, so your staff doesn’t have to manually record/apply the payments
  • Reduced cost and hassle for customer invoice delivery – no more re-emailing copies of invoices
  • Significantly lower credit card processing fees for B2B and B2G transactions with Level-3 credit card data
  • Full PCI compliance as customer credit card numbers are never stored in your system

Online customer payment portals are nearly de rigueur in B2B environments, and are just a few clicks away in your iSOFT-supported AccountMate system!

AccountMate and REPAY hosted a webinar on ClickToPay—go to Accountmate ClickToPay Online Payment Portal—Webinar Recording for details and a link to the recording to see this functionality in action.

We look forward to bringing these built-in benefits of the latest version of AccountMate to you and your customers.