We recently had a client ask for alternatives to manually entering data into AccountMate from the many POs they receive. We found a terrific service called Sensible that extracts the purchase order data from a PDF. It has an API that allows us to write an AccountMate modification to bring that data into AccountMate.

What’s especially useful is that it doesn’t matter that every company’s purchase order looks different – the service is smart enough to identify all the data you need from any PO or other document that you receive.

Sensible can read and input data automatically from PDFs and images:

  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • IRS forms
  • Expense receipt photos taken from mobile phones
  • Any document that needs to be entered into AccountMate

You can choose which details your company wants (i.e. the fields you’re currently entering into AccountMate manually).

For example, some of the key data fields that Sensible can extract from invoices include:

➤ General Information – Invoice ID number, invoice date, due date, billing address, shipping address, terms and conditions, and more

➤ Billing Details – Subtotal, total, discounts, taxes, balance due, payment method, and more

➤ Line-Item Details – Item name, item description, quantity, price per unit, SKUs, and more

iSOFT will do the initial technical setup for the fields you want. Sensible offers configuration options to make it easy for developers. This means it’s quick for us to do the setup and thus it’s not expensive for you to get it set up.

If you process fewer than 100 documents per month, the Sensible service is free. For more documents, pricing is predictable.

Quickly scale your document processing abilities

Automate tedious manual data entry so that you can reduce data entry costs, eliminate data entry errors, and free up people’s time to focus on the personal touch and the business processes that create unique value for your customers.

Reach out to iSOFT to talk about the type of PDF document entry that you would like to automate.