Cut your credit card transaction fees by up to 43% with “Level 3” processing for AccountMate

Does your company process business-class or government credit card payments (i.e. not for consumers only)?

If so, it’s guaranteed that you can save money—almost certainly a double-digit % reduction in what you’re paying in fees now.

Payment processing company REPAY’s average client using mid-tier ERP systems like AccountMate saves $10K to $20K per year

REPAY provides the only “Level 3” interface for AccountMate. Level 3 processing is when your system provides industry-standard transaction detail to the payment gateway, like line-item details, tax amounts and invoice numbers. This reduces their risk of fraud and in return they give you a reduced interchange fee—significantly decreasing your transactions fees.

REPAY also offers 12-hour funding—so you get the funds deposited to your bank account the next day.

And you won’t have to change your current accounting processes. Well, there is some change, but you’ll be happy with it—the AccountMate integration saves you time and typos because you’ll no longer have to re-key data into your system after you key it into your bank website.

REPAY is saving many AccountMate-using companies money every month, while simplifying transactions and improving cash flow. So it’s worth checking out!

If you decide to use REPAY, we can set it up in your system quickly as it’s an easy installation, along with the MKT Credit Card add-on for AccountMate from Bailey Enterprises, which is the PCI-compliant data connector that makes the integration with REPAY seamless.

By the way, MKT Credit Card also gives you the ability to pre-authorize credit cards when you’re entering sales orders. You can confirm that a card has enough available funds for a purchase, and put a hold on the order amount, thus reducing your rate of declined customer cards. This brings large time and cost savings to companies that regularly deal with declined cards!

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Step one is a free review of your current credit card processing statement or volume of manual transactions. We’ll tell you how much you’d save monthly with Level 3 credit card processing with REPAY.