Do you use AccountMate’s Payroll module?

If you do, and you’d like to offer your employees the ability to securely view and download their pay stubs, iSOFT can set that up for you.

That way, your employees can access their pay stubs anytime they want. Plus you’ll no longer have to process requests to resend pay stubs. It’s a win-win for both your company and your employees.

This AccountMate enhancement is possible with a web app builder that iSOFT has been using, and loving, called Retool. Retool allows us—and AccountMate users like you—to rapidly create dashboards and web screens to display data, using drag-and-drop design instead of manually writing code. This brings down development time and cost and opens up new ideas for automation. We’ll be back to you in an upcoming newsletter to tell you about more about what’s possible.