We are very pleased to announce Katie Salada’s new title of General Manager of iSOFT Systems, Inc.!  Katie will continue handling your technical support issues, software updates, design and implementation of modifications, and project meetings and communications.

Your project is in good hands with Katie! She really stepped up to the plate since coming back full time in January, and she keeps things running smoothly here. Many of you have worked with her. If you haven’t yet, or even if you have, check out our employee profile article about Katie from our January newsletter.

You likely won’t notice a change in working with iSOFT on your projects, since this transition happened gradually. Longtime iSOFT clients used to work with me directly for every project and tech support question. As we’ve grown, these days I focus on launching the bigger projects like large modifications and new AccountMate systems. No worries—I will remain in touch with you, and you can of course continue to reach out to me or any of us anytime.


Lisa Irvin, President