Use Sales Tracker to manage your sales activity—or as your CRM solution

Our Sales Tracker add-on for desktop-based AccountMate systems lets your sales team manage their leads and prospects in AccountMate, without having to integrate with an outside program or service.

Keep sales leads and prospects separate from your customers

Sales Tracker tracks leads and prospects in a separate table, so that they won’t clutter up your customer list. When prospect makes their first purchase, Sales Tracker can convert them to a standard AccountMate customer and all their details and contact info will move with them (because Sales Tracker runs in AccountMate just like a module)—saving you from having to rekey everything.

Have important sales info at your fingertips

Sales Tracker comes with a dashboard that gives your managers and salespeople an at-a-glance view of:

  • Leads – View, add, and edit leads. Double-click to drill down to details.
  • Prospects – View, add, and edit prospects. Double-click to drill down to details.
  • Quotes – Click quote numbers and prospect/customer numbers. See what you quoted them. See all quotes for a prospect or customer.
  • Customers – View, add, and edit customers. Click to send an email or call with your connected VOIP phone.
  • Invoices – See all past due invoices without running an aging report. Or see one customer’s invoices and the payment status of each. Or view their transaction history.
  • Tasks – Manage, create, and assign tasks. View and manage your To Do list

You’ll want to keep Sales Tracker open on your screen all the time

Instead of running an AccountMate report or going into Customer Maintenance to check a status, Sales Tracker will give you access to the info you need, right where you are.

See all orders and invoices on one screen—AccountMate doesn’t do this; Sales Tracker makes it happen

Maybe you’re on the phone talking to a customer who’s asking about an outstanding order. Maybe you want to check to see what quotes you’ve sent out haven’t been accepted yet. The answers are at your fingertips.

See more screen shots and learn more about Sales Tracker.

Sales Tracker is a CRM solution, too

If you’re looking for a basic CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) tool to manage your customer contact info and account notes, Sales Tracker does the job with ease—right in AccountMate, with the familiar AccountMate user interface.

For example, we have a client who recently wanted to replace their super-old version of ACT. We set up Sales Tracker to fit their needs. We use Sales Tracker here at iSOFT too!

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