Replace your paper-based time clock with mobile devices

QuickBooks® Time (formerly TSheets) lets employees clock in or out with just one click on their phones, or at your kiosk on a tablet. They can log a break, change job codes and job numbers, or add timesheet details instantly.

From JobCost, you just click to import the timesheet details into AccountMate’s Payroll module

Save time

  • Stop manually entering timecard data into the system.
  • Eliminate typos and errors from manually entering timecard data.
  • Eliminate the problem of lost time cards and recreating worked hours.

See timesheet data instantly

  • Monitor project hours and labor cost in real time—click anytime to import the latest time card data from QuickBooks Time.
  • Eliminate the information lag from waiting for timecard data to be manually keyed in.

Get timesheet data from any job site

  • Employees can update their time wherever they’re working, via their phones or your tablet kiosks.
  • Employees clock in or out instantly from an Android or iPhone device, with or without cell coverage.
  • Paper time cards or sign-in sheets no longer have to be collected and transported for data entry.

JobCost seemlessly connects the details

  • Add a new job or employee in your system and it automatically gets added to QuickBooks Time.
  • Earning codes are automatically synced between QuickBooks Time and the rates you have set up in AccountMate (regular, holiday, overtime, drive time, etc.).

PS. Despite the name, QuickBooks Time isn’t just for QuickBooks. It integrates with the JobCost module in your AccountMate system, no problem!