With Retool®, you can gain efficiencies very fast and very affordably

Our clients have been excited by the new possibilities that open up when they try rapid, low-cost customization projects from iSOFT, where some AccountMate modifications that might have taken 40+ hours in the past, can now be completed in perhaps 2 days. This is possible thanks to “low code no code” tools like Retool that slash the time needed to build an app from scratch to streamline your workflow.

How does Retool work?

It’s a super-efficient developer’s toolkit, with thousands of built-in components and functions that are commonly used in custom apps, including AccountMate modifications.

Using Retool, we can easily combine data from multiple sources, such as your AccountMate system or other 3rd party systems, instead of building API integrations from scratch. We can insert pre-built user interface elements from a vast selection of modern buttons, tables, charts, and more.

Rapid app development with Retool opens up the freedom for you to deploy modern, custom apps quickly and easily, so that you can add new layers of efficiency. And you can test new business ideas in a low-risk way, without breaking your budget.

How do you spot opportunities to add value to your business with Retool apps?

Here are three easy ways to identify good opportunities to enhance your workflow:

1. You’re regularly looking things up. Find a process where your team is frequently looking up data from multiple AccountMate modules or screens, and/or from your other software like Google Sheets, Zendesk, Oracle, Shopify, and many more.

    • Example: Imagine an app that makes it easy to check across all your warehouses and purchase orders for the total on-hand and on-order status of an item
    • Example: Automate a customer support process – with an app that displays all your customer’s latest account details and sales order data from Salesforce and AccountMate.

2. You’re regularly combining data from multiple sources. Think of places where your team needs to connect and consolidate data that comes from different software programs that don’t talk to each other. Places where you want an easy way to visualize the combined data on a dashboard or web page so that you can share it, update it, and make it actionable.

    • Example: Get a dashboard that summarizes the pick/pack/ship status of all open sales orders, or all RMAs and RTVs.
    • Example: Keep your ecommerce store’s product catalog details in sync with current item details from AccountMate, automatically.

3. You’re regularly automating or updating your workflows. Think of steps in a process at your company where you want to make it super-easy for people to understand and follow the process, and you want it to be easy to update the process anytime as you respond to new requirements or ideas.

    • Example: We built an app that works with the AccountMate Payroll module, that will let employees look up their paystubs, to view or print them securely 24×7, on their own without the payroll manager needing to do anything.
    • Example: iSOFT created its first Retool app in fewer than four hours – it’s the dashboard that gives our clients 24×7 access to their account in our AccountMate system. You could provide a dashboard to your customers, too.
    • Example: Make it easy for people to fill out your form or fields from their phones or from external software apps, without them knowing AccountMate or requiring an AccountMate license.

Try Using an App Now, to See Retool in Action

You can play with a live demo app on Retool’s website, using their sample data for customer service reps at a credit card company. Click the button below to go to the app, and then click on any of the buttons, fields, or actions, like Replace Credit Card, and follow the prompts. (No worries, you can’t hurt anything.) All of what you see there was built with Retool!

Are you intrigued?

Jot down a few ideas of where you think an integration or an app might save you a lot of time. It’s OK if you know that there ought to be a better way to handle your process but you’re not exactly sure yet how an app would best help.

Then reach out to us and we’ll talk through your list with you, and recommend the best small project that would let you experience the results that are possible with iSOFT and Retool!