It’s common for iSOFT clients to want to share data with both AccountMate and another software program.


  • Inputting ecommerce sales orders from platforms like Amazon or Shopify into AccountMate
  • Entering customer account information from their sales lead management system into AccountMate when a new customer’s first order is placed
  • Adding job specifications from a job site, from a mobile app into AccountMate
  • Copying invoice details from AccountMate into an external payment processing system

When that data transfer is being done manually, automation could be added to free up that time for you

For example, a new customer’s account details on a website can be automatically detected and imported into AccountMate as a new account, and you can be automatically alerted. “Hey, we have new customer data – we’re sending it into AccountMate and it will be set up as a new account for you!”

You’ve experienced this before, with any AccountMate third-party software that integrates with AccountMate. But what we’re talking about here, is communication with other software that doesn’t already integrate with AccountMate.

iSOFT can create that integration for you, to get that other software to communicate back and forth with AccountMate, and to trigger follow-on steps to happen automatically.

  • This eliminates your manual data entry or your manual importing and exporting—saving you time, as well as eliminating data entry errors.
  • You never accumulate a backlog and get behind, even during your busy season, because the data is synced regularly—usually overnight but it can be scheduled for any interval, like once every hour or minute.

Or maybe you currently can’t share data at all with another program, but you’ve been wanting to get that data fed into AccountMate!

The bottom line is, if you’re constantly entering data manually to move it into or out of AccountMate and it’s taking too much time, then reach out to iSOFT to inquire about automating that. It’s usually a quick and easy project for us, depending on the API options available in the other software.

Remember that your AccountMate system has the flexibility to connect to other software—so that you can manage your data flow and your business efficiently in an interconnected system.