You now have the option to pay iSOFT invoices via ACH for free, without incurring a credit card payment fee or having to mail a check. On larger balances, this can save you hundreds of dollars in credit card processing fees, because the fees are a percentage of your balances.

First you’ll do a one-time setup to add the ACH option to your iSOFT customer dashboard. This setup process will take a 1-3 business days. (If you need the link to your customer dashboard, please contact us; the dashboard is where you can access all of your iSOFT accounting information, outstanding balances, and technical support tickets.)

  • Log in to your iSOFT dashboard and download the ACH Authorization Form.
  • Fill out the form and submit it to iSOFT. We will then mark your account as having the form on file, and send you a notification. This will also add a Sign Up for ACH option to your dashboard.
  • Go back to the dashboard, to the Sign Up for ACH option. Fill out your back account info (bank name, routing number, etc.).
  • Wait 1-2 business days for a test microdeposit to be made to your account. Verify that you received it. That’s it!

ACH payments have no fees and it’s easy to make a payment with a click. You don’t have to make all payments via ACH; you can still choose your payment method each time.

We added the ACH payment option after an iSOFT client asked if they could pay their balance by ACH instead of credit card. We’re open to more suggestions! What would you like to see in your iSOFT customer dashboard?