Does your company need to calculate and forecast depreciation for fixed assets such as equipment and machinery? FMIS Fixed Assets is a powerful and easy-to-use add-on for fixed asset accounting for AccountMate users. It has the flexibility to handle complex asset information in any industry, across multiple companies, countries, and books.

It’s part of the FMIS asset management suite that includes tracking, maintenance (CMMS), and asset accounting. Designed for accounting professionals, the Fixed Assets module automates fixed asset accounting calculations, including depreciation and amortization for regulatory and tax purposes, and the module is highly customizable if needed.

Using FMIS provides benefits such as:

  • Viewing of the location, status, and full history of any asset in any location
  • Fast and efficient physical audits of assets and inventory
  • User-defined dashboards to easily access all key data and actions
  • Real-time updates to your asset register via a handheld scanner
  • Minimized write-offs as a result of physical audits
  • Track locations and asset movements across any number of sites and companies
  • Attach files such as photos, purchase orders, warranty documents, service history, or invoices
  • Import/export data directly from spreadsheets to save time
  • Lower insurance premiums through the use of specialized software

FMIS is a new AccountMate partner, offering features compatible with AccountMate SQL and SQL/Express V11 and above.

To learn more:

1.  Watch the 25-min recorded demo on the FMIS website.

2. Register for the AccountMate-specific FMIS Fixed Asset Management webinar on September 28 at 10:00am PT.

3. Reach out to iSOFT to discuss the details of the asset management functionality you need.