Regular updates are a huge benefit to working with currently supported software—to address new requirements and to add new functionality—and we’re happy to let you know about a new release for AccountMate.

While very few of our clients jump on every release, we recommend staying within at least three years of current—and it’s always worthwhile to review the new functionality to see if there’s a feature that would greatly impact your operations and should be implemented sooner rather than later.

AccountMate V12.3 for SQL and Express has dozens of new features, including:

  • A new Click-to-Pay Module for AccountMate provides an interface to the REPAY payment portal so your customers can pay their invoices via credit card, ACH or eCheck—expediting payment processing and reducing credit card fees, since “Level 3” detail is provided to the payment gateway. AccountMate invoices may be printed to PDF with an active link to your payment portal. Automated dunning notification is also built-in functionality.
  • You can schedule the emailing of employee payroll stubs as PDF attachments.
  • Payroll deductions are allowed to span tax years—useful for employee loans or garnishments that have a maximum lifetime amount.
  • You can copy/paste from Excel into the Payroll Earning Codes General Ledger Distribution grid and into the Bank Reconciliation transactions General Distribution grids.
  • Now a warehouse and quantity can be assigned during Accrue Landed Cost to a warehouse other than the one received into—useful if the goods have subsequently been transferred out of the original receiving warehouse.
  • You can email check stubs to vendors—useful to provide vendors details of electronic payments made via ACH.

 For a tour of these new features and more, watch the recorded webinar, AM12.3 SQL/Express New Features.