Regular updates are a big benefit to working with currently supported software, addressing new business requirements and adding new features. We’re happy to report the release of AccountMate/SQL and Express V13.1 on August 8.

Here are highlights from the list of new features—a key theme is new and enhanced integrations, but that’s not all!

1. Credit Card Integration – AccountMate 13.1 introduces the Credit Card Integration feature in the Accounts Receivable and Sales Order modules, allowing users to pre-authorize, pay, and manage customer credit card transactions within the software. With a secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) Internet Protocol (IP) connection, users can process credit card transactions from any workstation without the need for additional equipment or software, saving time and money on processing fees and training.

2. Sales Tax Integration with Avalara – Expanding on the Sales Tax Integration module, AccountMate 13.1 now offers the option to use Avalara AvaTax alongside TaxJar. With this integration, the system automatically determines the correct tax rates and amounts for transactions, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing the risk of costly sales tax calculation errors.

3. ClickToPay Enhancements – AccountMate 13.1 expands the recently added ClickToPay feature, with the ability to set up Net Days for ClickToPay pay codes, disallow the use of ClickToPay pay codes during setup, and allow users to copy a customer’s ClickToPay URL for easy access to outstanding invoices and online payments.

4. Enhanced Bank Account Maintenance – The Bank Account Maintenance function has been enhanced to provide a separate Immediate Origin field for AR payments, enabling more flexibility for ACH collections, and introducing a new “460 – Credit or Debit” Service Class Code for Canadian companies, meeting their specific ACH file requirements.

5. Support for Attachments in Machine and Labor Maintenance – AccountMate 13.1 supports attachments in the Machine and Labor Maintenance functions, allowing users to add machine inspection records and other supporting documents for easy reference.

6. Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 – AccountMate 13.1 stays up-to-date with the latest Microsoft technologies and fully supports Microsoft SQL Server 2022.

➤ Get a tour of the new features by watching the AccountMate 13.1 Features Recorded Webinar 

These and other features will be highlighted in an on-demand webinar, which will be posted on AccountMate’s Webcasts On-Demand page August 8 or soon afterward.