We’re always pleased to see new versions of AccountMate released, as they provide new functionality and compatibility options. And, we hope, give you ideas to consider overall business and process improvements for your company.

In May, AccountMate released V13.2 of AM/SQL & SQL/Express with numerous enhancements.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Accounts Payable automationAutomated vendor payment processing with REPAY, so that your vendors can choose their preferred payment method of credit card, ACH, or check.
  • Enhanced user loginOption to enable two-factor authentication for AccountMate via the user’s email address.
  • Support for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo as email clientsIn addition to Exchange and Office 365.
  • Import price lists for new products Now, after finalizing prices for your new items in Excel, import them into your AccountMate system yourself, with no need to ask iSOFT to do it.
  • Change customer parent account numberAnother tweak you previously had to ask iSOFT to customize, is now at your fingertips.
  • New inventory aging reportEven without lot-controlled items, it can be handy to see how “old” your inventory items are to identify slow-moving items.
  • After-the-fact physical count variance reportingPreviously unavailable after updating or clearing your Physical Counts, now here it is.
  • And more!

Watch the webinar recording, AM13.2 SQL/Express New Features, for a 60-minute presentation of the new features and changes introduced in AccountMate 13.2 for SQL/Express. This webinar covers:

  • System-wide enhancements
  • Purchase and payable enhancements
  • Sales and receivable enhancements
  • Inventory enhancements
  • Financial module enhancements
  • Payroll enhancements

We look forward to discussing your upgrade plans. If your company is on an active Lifecycle Maintenance plan, this new release is included of course.