If your company does business in more than one or two states, then you’re familiar with the growing complexity of sales tax compliance.

The list of state, county, city, and special use tax jurisdictions is long, at over 13,000 tax jurisdictions in the U.S., plus more outside the U.S. like VAT and GST.

Who’s got time to stay on top of that many details?

Avalara can do that for you!

The Avalara tax software service and its seamless integration with AccountMate makes managing sales tax as easy as possible. Their automation helps you collect the right amount of tax from your customers, and helps you make the proper payments by following each jurisdiction’s current process.

Avalara minimizes errors introduced from using manual processes and outdated jurisdiction details, and it minimizes mistakes that could be uncovered during an audit.

This new integration works with AccountMate SQL v13.1 and higher. (If you’re running an earlier version of AccountMate, we can let you know what would be included in an upgrade.)

Learn how Avalara works with AccountMate to save you time and get your tax compliance right. Contact iSOFT.