Millions of computers are affected by the recently discovered Apache Log4J security vulnerability which can allow hackers to do a lot of damage, including stealing data and taking over computers. Log4J is a small, but ubiquitous, open source tool used to record security and performance activity. To protect against potential exploitations, all internet-facing apps that use the Log4J Java library need to have security updates installed from the respective app developers. This is one of the widest-reaching software vulnerabilities to ever be discovered and its impact will be felt for awhile. Thus, IT folks across the globe have been extra-busy assessing all the software their companies are running, including their AccountMate software.

AccountMate software does not use Java code, and neither do the development tools used in AccountMate (such as Microsoft SQL Server and Crystal Reports). AccountMate therefore has no exposure to the open source Java plug-in that can be exploited in the Log4J framework. No mitigation is necessary. Look for official info stating this shortly on AccountMate’s website and user newsletter.