October 7 – November 11, 2021 is the next scheduled Core training for AccountMate users. These outstanding and comprehensive online classes are conducted by the good folks at AccountMate a few times per year. This time the sessions are spaced out over 6 weeks, for 2-4 hours per day:

  • Oct. 7—System Manager 1 / System Administrator
  • Oct. 13—System Manager 2 / User Interface
  • Oct. 14—General Ledger
  • Oct. 20—Inventory Control
  • Oct. 21—AP/PO Master Records
  • Oct. 27—Purchase Order
  • Oct. 28—Accounts Payable
  • Nov 3—AR/SO Master Records
  • Nov 4—Sales Order
  • Nov. 10—Accounts Receivable
  • Nov 11—Bank Reconciliation

Imagine heading into year-end with many new AccountMate skills, a better understanding of how actions in one module impact things in other modules, and new insights into how to do things better and more efficiently! This class draws both novice and experienced users. You can ask questions specific to your company’s processes, as these aren’t webinar recordings—these are “real” classes, live with hands-on exercises.

Do you want to attend one or more days but not the whole thing? You can do that! The class is $2500 per person for all of it, or $400 per day for one or more days. And companies on LifeCycle Maintenance get at least one FREE seat per year (more seats depending on your number of users) and 50% discounts for additional seats. See details on all the discount levels on the Course Overview page.

And here’s the Course Outline and the Course Schedule. Let us know if you’d like to register and don’t be shy about asking questions first.