If the version of Microsoft SQL Server your AccountMate system is running on is 2012, now is a good time to discuss plans for an upgrade to avoid a last-minute fire drill—because SQL Server 2012 will be falling off the Microsoft Extended Support list a year from now.

  • If you’re running AccountMate/SQL V8.3 or earlier, then Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is the MOST RECENT version you could be running—so we definitely need to chat and plan to get your system updated in its entirety.
  • If you’re running AccountMate/SQL V9.1 to V10.4, then you COULD be running Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (or it could be 2014, 2016 or 2017)—so we should definitely look and possibly update only the SQL Server back-end version.

Without Microsoft Extended Support, there will be no product updates, no emergency patches, and no security updates after July 12, 2022, which would open up security risk to your company’s critical accounting and financial management data. This risk is preventable by planning ahead!

Microsoft typically supports versions for about 10 years before retiring them, as it’s doing with this version.  See Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Support Dates.

Simply reach out to us and we’ll give you the info about any approaching “end of life” dates that are specific to your system, for AccountMate (LAN, SQL, Express), MS SQL Server, and MS Windows (file server, workstation).