Here are some steps you can take now to save you time and hassle later!

1. Lock your January 2020 fiscal period: In the General Ledger module, go to <Housekeeping><Posting Period Restrictions> to lock at least your January 2020 fiscal period so nobody typos the year and restates financials from a year ago.

2. Make a backup of your live company: Because you will surely later want reports that are difficult to create after transactions have occurred. 

3. Check your database maintenance plan directory: Please ensure the automated nightly backups of your database are being created—then confirm with your IT department that these are being copied offsite. You think your 2020 was bad? One company using AccountMate lost 6 months of data due to not having database backups offsite (where the ransomware wouldn’t have reached them) and they’re still working on recreating that data.

4. Photocopy your wallet: While we’re talking about backups—it’s valuable to have a backup of your personal portable accounting information “just in case,” and you’ll thank yourself later if you need it.