REPAY is an AccountMate add-on that offers a number of powerful enhancements to your company’s AR and AP processing. Here are three of our favorites:

1. Reduce your credit card processing fees

Do you accept credit cards payments? If so, you can pay lower credit card processing fees if you use Level 3 processing. It’s common for AccountMate-using companies to see a decrease in fees of between 10% and 25% across the board, with some saving over $50,000 per year. Contact iSOFT to find out more, and get a free estimate of your savings based on two or three months of your current credit card processing statements.

2. Thwart credit card payment fraud

You can wrap your system in integrated, state-of-the-art security layers for digital payment processing, including a PCI-compliant secure payment gateway, and automated payment verification to check credit card CVV codes, addresses, and device identifications. Read more at REPAY’s recent blog post, Forms of Payment Fraud.

3. Increase the payment options you offer your customers

Make it easier and more convenient for your customers to work with you—while collecting payments faster with a lot less work on your part. From one central place you can manage all things AP and AR. On the AP side, all paper and manual processes can be eliminated to automate your vendor and supplier payments and simplify your reconciliation. There’s real-time reporting, instant funding disbursements, and payment and messaging management. REPAY is your one-stop-shop for incoming and outgoing payments.

And the new (as of AccountMate SQL V12.3) AccountMate-supplied Click2Pay customer payment portal provides your customers the ability to retrieve their invoices and post payments online—which are then automatically reflected into your AccountMate system!

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