JobCost from iSOFT now integrates with QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) for mobile time tracking.

Your employees can clock in and out on their mobile phones, or on your tablet at a kiosk. They can also take a break, change job codes, and more, from any location.

From within the JobCost module, you just click to import timesheet details into AccountMate’s Payroll module.

JobCost’s integration with QuickBooks Time can:

  • Save you time by making it unnecessary to manually enter time card data
  • Give you access to timesheet data instantly, from any job location—including earning codes
  • Automatically update QuickBooks Time when you add an employee or a job in AccountMate

Learn more

If you’re a building subcontractor or a project-oriented company and you’ve been thinking about adding a job cost system for estimating and cost tracking, learn more about JobCost for AccountMate and our new QuickBooks Time integration with JobCost.

Reach out to us with questions about your types of jobs. Or request an online demo of JobCost to see what it can do.