Do you sell made-to-order products that give your customers numerous configurable options, like materials, sizes, add-on accessories, custom imprints, service contract term lengths, and more? You may have tens or hundreds of thousands of possible valid combinations across your product lines.

If so, AccountMate’s Sales Order Configurator Module will walk your customer service person or sales person through the available options during order entry, enforcing your ordering rules and pricing, so that ONLY VALID QUOTES AND ORDERS can be entered.

If you’ve been configuring these types of orders manually, the benefits of this automation can be mind-blowing!

  1. You’ll be able to quickly train new people to enter accurate orders. They won’t need years of experience to learn what can and cannot be built.
  2. You can enter and fulfill orders faster, without having to ask your engineers or product managers to review orders to confirm that they’re valid.
  3. All of your pricing rules will be applied automatically to each configuration based on the options selected, also incorporating pricing factors like size, weight, and flat fees.
  4. You’ll stop having to tell customers that you made a mistake and you can’t build the version they asked for after all, or you quoted them the wrong price.

For example, an office furniture company might offer an L-shaped desk with an option to add two side-by-side filing cabinets under desks five feet or longer. But only one filing cabinet will fit under shorter desks. The Sales Order Configurator won’t display an option for two cabinets when a shorter desk is selected.

If your items have multiple-choice or complex configurations, then explore the capabilities of this module further: