If you have a large product catalog and your main products include required accessory items (like a cell phone that requires a charger), or optional upsell items (like an extended warranty for that cell phone), then you might find great value in the Upsell Management Module, which works hand-in-hand with the SO, AR, RA, and IC modules.

Here’s how your AccountMate system can expedite your sales of add-on items:

1. Make sure that the correct accessory item is sold.

For example, you don’t want your customer service rep or sales person to accidently sell an add-on that won’t work. Selling (and then replacing) incompatible parts is a lose-lose situation for you and your customers.

2. When you’re out of stock, easily recommend the best substitute product.

You can leverage the product expertise of your smartest individual for all your customer service staff, by specifying alternate products once, up front, in AccountMate. Your team will have the right information at their fingertips when they need it, with far less product training required than you do today.

3. Make it easy to suggest add-ons for a product that your team is selling.

Have those suggestions ready in AccountMate during sales order or invoice entry. You can include scripts or special instructions to prompt your team as they talk with customers about an accessory item.

Your customers are happier when they understand their options before, not after, their purchases. You’re happier when you suggest and sell more accessories—thereby increasing your average order size.

➤ Would you like to renew your focus on upselling? Or get a built-in accessory “compatibility checker” set up in your system? View the Upsell Management Module brochure and contact iSOFT with your questions.