For sales teams with longer sales cycles and multiple conversations with prospects before closing the sale—Sales Tracker for AccountMate is a CRM that makes it easy to keep track of to-do lists (tasks), sales activity, and create leads, prospects, prospect quotes and more.

Get Sales-Focused CRM Capabilities Inside AccountMate

Keep all your sales activity and data within one system, AccountMate. Simplify your company’s technology, and eliminate duplicate data entry.

If you are looking for a better CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or don’t have one at all — Your salespeople can use Sales Tracker for AccountMate for all CRM details like company and contact information; leads vs. active prospects vs. customers; sales activity; quotes and tasks; sales orders and fulfillment status.

If you have an external CRM that doesn’t talk to AccountMate — You can stop manually entering customer info and line items from quotes into AccountMate. In Sales Tracker for AccountMate just click to change a lead into a prospect or a customer, or to generate a quote or sales order.


Sales Dashboard

A Sales Dashboard Makes It Easy

Salespeople can manage everything from one hub in AccountMate. No need for them to learn AccountMate modules. They can just focus on selling.

  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Tasks
  • Quotes
  • Orders


Keep track of companies you’d like to sell to. Set up company and contact information. Make notes. Schedule tasks for each company so that no follow-ups get forgotten. Click “Convert to Prospect” when a contact expresses interest in buying.

Prospect Quotes

Check item availability. Generate quotes in AccountMate by choosing items from inventory. Send quotes to prospects. Save notes for you and your team. Schedule activities and follow-up reminders for quotes. Click to convert quotes into sales orders.

Transaction History

While creating an order or invoice, quickly see the transaction history for the selected line item for that customer. This allows you to quickly see if you sold that item at a discounted rate for that customer in the past, how many you’ve sold them in the past, and when you last sold that item to that customer.


Stay on top of active sales prospects. Capture additional contacts and company details as you learn more.  Assign and schedule tasks. Click “Convert to Customer” to put them in AccountMate’s customer list and to generate a quote or sales order.


Create sales tasks for each contact or company (e.g. phone call or send brochure), assigning due dates and durations. Link tasks to related tasks, add comments, and assign a task to someone else.

Other Noteable Features…

Keep your customer database clean!

Sales leads and prospects are kept in a separate database, without cluttering up your customer list in AccountMate. Only companies that place an order get transferred into the customer list.

Import Leads & Prospects

Have a list of leads and/or prospects you’ve purchased or stored in another system? Easily import them into Sales Tracker using the import tool.

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