In the next few months, iSOFT will be reaching out to our clients who haven’t yet had a strategy check-in call with us this year. We’d like to review how things are going and discuss how we could help make it easier for you to meet your current objectives.

We look forward to touching base and staying up to date on your business even if you don’t need anything new from us right now. And if you do need something, it will be our pleasure to help you get the most from technology and automation to maximize your success.

Let’s talk about questions like these:

  • What are your current company goals and initiatives?
  • To stay ahead of competitors in your market, what processes do you want to change or what value do you want to add for your customers?
  • Is there anything you’re using a spreadsheet to manage, that you’d like to automate?
  • Is there other software in your company that you’d like to connect to AccountMate to share data and automatically stay in sync?
  • Do you have new employees who need spot training in an area of AccountMate?
  • Would you like a review of your current backup and restore process for AccountMate to confirm that you’re doing enough to protect your business from being disrupted by a hacker, a natural disaster, or other sudden issue?
  • How is it going with iSOFT—what feedback do you have for us?

Every business evolves, and your infinitely flexible AccountMate system is always capable of doing even more for you.  If something’s on your mind, don’t hesitate to reach out for a conversation anytime. Our team of experts is always here for you.

–Lisa Irvin, President