AccountMate 10 for SQL and Express (and higher versions)
AccountMate 9 for LAN (and higher versions)



Article #1121

The Accounts Payable (AP) module provides options for users to put a payment or check on hold. Holding a payment means that you cannot apply payment and you can neither print a computer check nor record a handwritten check transaction in AccountMate for an invoice. Holding a check labels the check transaction with an “on-hold check” status which you can later remove using the Release On-Hold Check function. The “on-hold check” status means that the check is still physically on hand though the check transaction is already recorded.

Article #1121: Effects of Holding a Payment or Check in AccountMate explains how the different hold payment and hold check options affect the related Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation (BR) functions and the vendor balances. It also lists the reports that can be generated after holding payments or checks.