AccountMate 12 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AccountMate 11 for SQL and Express
AccountMate 10 for SQL, Express, and LAN
AccountMate 9 for LAN


AR, SO, CI, PC, IC, SP, and PO

Article #1094 and #1180

AccountMate has various pricing and cost features available.

You can set up several prices that can be used as default unit prices for each inventory item when creating sales quotes, sales orders, or invoices.

Article #1094: Pricing Hierachy in Sales Order and Accounts Receivable Modules discusses these various pricing features and the order of priority the system will use to determine the inventory item default unit price.

You can control the costs that AccountMate uses as defaults during the creation of purchase orders and purchase quotes. Depending on how AccountMate is set up, each cost feature will provide a default unit cost on items entered on a purchase order (PO).

Article #1180: Cost Hierarchy in the Purchase Order Module discusses the available cost options and illustrates the priority that AccountMate uses to determine what unit cost will be provided as the default for each PO line item.