AccountMate 10 for SQL and Express (and higher versions)
AccountMate 9 for LAN (and higher versions)



Article #1177

In addition to using the regular AP Invoice Transactions function, you can use the Import AP Invoice function to post AP invoices by importing data from either a text (i.e., TXT) file or a comma-separated values (i.e., CSV) file, provided that the file meets certain parameters. Vendors may send the TXT/CSV files through emails and other electronic transfer devices, or you may generate them outside the AccountMate application. Rather than manually recording AP invoices one by one, importing a TXT/CSV file containing AP invoice information allows you to save data entry time.

Article #1177: Understanding the Accounts Payable Import Invoice Function provides tips for successfully importing AP invoice information. It helps you identify which fields in the TXT/CSV file are required or optional. In addition, it explains the correct usage of punctuation in the text file and the repercussions of leaving blank the required and optional fields in the TXT/CSV file.