AccountMate 10 for SQL and Express (and higher versions)
AccountMate 9 for LAN (and higher versions)



Articles #1103 and #1105

There are times when banks return customer checks, and do not honor them to pay off obligations to vendors, due to insufficient funds.

These NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) checks require adjustments to bring the company’s customer accounts, vendor accounts, and other GL Account IDs to their correct balances. The steps to record these adjustments in AccountMate vary depending on the circumstances under which you receive information about the NSF check.

Article #1103: How to Record Accounts Receivable Customer NSF Checks covers the different procedures for recording customer NSF checks.

Article #1105: How to Record Accounts Payable NSF Checks covers—you guessed it— the different procedures for recording AP NSF checks in AccountMate.