AM10 for SQL and Express (and higher versions)
AM 9 for LAN (and higher versions)




AccountMate will not allow you to edit any employee information in the Employee Maintenance function if any of the following conditions is met:

  • You are currently recording an Apply Payroll/Payment transaction for the employee.
  • You are printing payroll checks using the Print Payroll Check function. The validation (lock) starts when the 2nd Print Payroll Check window is displayed.
  • You are posting After-the-Fact Payroll for the employee.
  • The current year W-2 information for the employee was updated using either the Current-Year W-2 Information Update or the W-2 Information Batch Update function.


  • If the current year W-2 was updated and saved, it must be deleted. To do so, access the Current-Year W-2 Information Update function, enter the Employee # for whom you must delete the W-2, and click Delete.
  • Update the employee’s W-2 only after all payroll transactions for the applicable tax year have been recorded or immediately before you print the W-2 forms.