AM10 for SQL and Express (and higher versions)




Can you give me the steps to use the shortcut window? I can’t find my notes on how to set them up.


Sure. Access your shortcuts pane if it’s not already open. (See the thin vertical pane on the left of your screen that’s labeled My AccountMate Shortcuts, and open the pane by clicking the >> at the top.)

Right-click on My AccountMate Shortcuts and then New > AccountMate Function and you’ll get a popup to select which screens or reports you would like on your shortcut list.

Tip: Are you new to AccountMate Shortcuts? Learn how to set up AccountMate Shortcuts to display your frequently used AccountMate screens or reports, or other programs or applications—so that you can jump to them quickly. Check out Tech Note: Article #1118 Understanding How the Shortcut Pane Works.