AM12 for SQL and Express (AM12.3 and higher)




I upgraded to AccountMate 12.3. I tried to e-mail our vendors’ check stubs; however, when I clicked OK in the E-mail AP Check Stub function, the “No records found…” message is displayed. I am sure that I have checks printed that meet the criteria entered in the E-mail AP Check Stub interface. Why do I get the error message?


This happens if the E-mail AP Check Stub feature is not activated. To enable the feature, mark the Generate Check Stub File for E-mailing checkbox in the AP Module Setup ► Printing tab. Only checks that were printed after the Generate Check Stub File for E-mailing checkbox is marked will be available for e-mail. Note that this feature can be turned on and off at any time. If the feature is off when the check is printed, then that check will not appear in the E-mail AP Check Stub grid and it will not be available for e-mail.