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I want to void a check that has been cancelled; but, the bank reconciliation is yet to be finalized. How can I void the check?


You must unreconcile or uncancel the check before you can void it. To do this, perform the following:

1. Access the Reconcile Bank Account function in the Bank Reconciliation module; then, perform these steps:

     a. Enter the bank number.

     b. Go to the Details tab; then, click the List box button in the first field and select the Unmark Reconciled option to display in the grid the checks and deposits that were previously marked cancelled or verified.

     c. Unmark the checkbox for the previously reconciled/cancelled check that you want to unreconcile or uncancel.

     d. Save your changes.

2. Go to the Accounts Payable or Payroll module. Void the check using the Void Check (to void Accounts Payable checks), Void Payroll Check (to void Payroll checks), or Void Tax Deposit Check (to void Payroll tax deposit checks) function, whichever is applicable.