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Q: We have an AP invoice that was created two fiscal years ago. The invoice was partially paid. We want to close the invoice (i.e., zero-out the balance) without recording any payment. What is the best way to do it?

A: You can close the invoice by posting an adjustment with these steps:

  1. Access the Post Handwritten Check function; then, enter the Vendor #.
  2. Select the invoice in the grid; then, enter the balance in the Apply Adj field. Verify that the Unapply Balance field shows zero (0.00).
  3. Click Save; then, select the Non-Check Transaction option in the second Post Handwritten Check window.
  4. Enter the Reference # for the transaction and click the Save Check button to commit the transaction.

This transaction creates the following journal entries:

DB: Accounts Payable (from the AP Invoice Transactions ► GL Distribution ► Accounts Payable field)

CR: Payment Adjustment (from the AP Module Setup ► GL Accounts ►Liability Account ► Payment Adjustment field)