1. Periodically Check for Payroll Tax Subscription Updates

Be sure to hit <Utilities><Check For Payroll Tax Subscription Updates> occasionally, as updates are released throughout the year. Mid-year updates are easily installed by you, the end-user, and we’re already up to V2024.03. Not sure what version you have? Please hit <Help><About AccountMate> then look on the Payroll tab for the Version # field. But it never hurts to just try and run the update!

2. Check for Needed State-Level Configurations in Employee Maintenance

Many states require special configuration on the <Employee Maintenance> screen, as detailed in “Appendix B“. If you have employees in AL/AZ/AR/CA/CO/CT/DE/DC/GA/IL/IN/IA/KA/LA/ MA/ME/MD/MS/MO/MT/NJ/NY/ND/OH/OK/PA/PR/VA/WA/WV then please check it out.