Your new iSOFT client dashboard is handy and time-saving for two reasons 

Reason #1

We recently sent you an email with a login link and info about iSOFT’s new client dashboard.

From this dashboard you can do many things directly and conveniently:

  • View your outstanding balance
  • View and download all of your invoices
  • New: iSOFT now accepts credit card payments; a 3% fee is added to cover credit card fees
  • View your AccountMate information (support key, product key, maintenance key, etc.)
  • View your outstanding Jira tickets
  • Add new iSOFT Newsletter subscribers

So be sure to go in and take a look, and bookmark it for ongoing access. If you need your company’s link to the dashboard again we’d be happy to send it, just ask.

Reason #2

We developed this dashboard in a matter of hours (and by hours we mean fewer than four hours total!) using a new rapid development tool called Retool. This development method can be used for some projects we develop for you, too.

It’s a “low code” environment that automates many aspects of coding so that we can rapidly build robust and scalable web-based dashboards and apps that aggregate data from multiple sources.

For example, we could create a dashboard that you could offer to your own customers or suppliers to give them 24×7 access to their account, like your new dashboard for your iSOFT account.

Using Retool brings other new abilities too, such as an easy way to allow people to fill out your form or fields from their phones or from external software apps, without them knowing AccountMate or requiring an AccountMate license—and the data from those entries gets brought into AccountMate for you automatically. The possibilities are almost limitless!

We’ll share more Retool examples soon. In the meantime, if you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to do, let us know.