Have you ever been working in AccountMate and said to yourself, “I wish there was an option here to do it this way instead”? You, as an AccountMate user, can make a request for that enhancement for a future release of AccountMate!

Certainly the AccountMate product development staff is always coming up with ways to improve the product, and as a Business Partner we contribute suggestions regularly—but MANY enhancement requests come directly from end-users such as yourself.

AccountMate’s doing their next prioritization of enhancement requests soon, based on a review of all requests submitted through February 17. So now is a great time to request new features and functions as well as enhancements to existing ones, for any module.

How to request a product enhancement

Send your request to iSOFT first. Why iSOFT? Because more than half the time, the feature that a user is asking for already exists. That means you wouldn’t need to wait for an enhancement to the software. For example, a reporting enhancement request might already be addressed by one of the several hundred (!) built-in reports in AccountMate. Or, one of those built-in reports might get you 90% of the way to what you’re requesting, and iSOFT could quickly tweak that report to get you the other 10%.  If the enhancement you want is already something that your current version of AccountMate can do, iSOFT is here to let you know and show you how it works.

If it turns out that what you want isn’t already in AccountMate, we can submit your enhancement request for you. You can also do it easily from inside your AccountMate software. Just hit <Help> then look down the list of options for <Enhancement Request>.  Clicking that will take you to the AccountMate website where you can enter the details of your suggestion, including the benefits it would provide. Few software companies make it so easy for users to send in ideas for product requests.

We encourage you to help direct the future of the product—because who knows what you need better than you?—and there’s no limit to the number of enhancement requests you can make!